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424. X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents (1978)

Track Listing

1. Art I Ficial
2. Obsessed With You
3. Warrior In Woolworths Back
4. Let's Submerge
5. I Can't Do Anything
6. Identity
7. Genetic Engineering
8. I Live Off You
9. I Am A Poseur
10. Germ Free Adolescents
11. Plastic Bag
12. Day The World Turned Dayglo


As my wife says this is the band Blondie could have been. And not in a sarcastic way as well, this is a really amazing album. It is a punk album with two amazing secret weapons, the voice of Poly Styrene and the sax. The two together make this unlike anything else.

This is exciting music at its most exciting. The whole album is pretty amazing from beginning to end and it never lets up there is never a dull moment here, it is amazing all the way trough.

The lyrics are as good as anything in the album as well, they are little vignettes of anger towards a commodified society where even the act of being "alternative" is commodified in itself. It is great, smart stuff by Poly who was a pretty young girl at the time, just 21... it's not Orson Welles but good on her.

Really recommended, you need this album, if you didn't know that you know it now. You really need this.

Track Highlights

1. The Day The World Turned Dayglo
2. I Can't Do Anything
3. Let's Submerge
4. I Am A Poseur

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

The group played a fortnight's residency at New York's CBGB's, even though Germ Free Adolescents was not released in America until 1992. Exhausted by touring, Poly Styrene left the band in 1979 to release a solo album, Translucence, before joining the Hare Krishna movement (as did Logic, who left the band aged 16 in 1977 to form a new group called Essential Logic).

Without Styrene, the group lost its momentum and split up. Hurding and London went on to form Classix Nouveaux, while Paul Dean and Rudi Thompson went on to form Agent Orange with Anthony (Tex) Doughty, who later become a founding member of Transvision Vamp.

The Day The World Turned Dayglo:

Poly speaks on The Punk Years:

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