Tuesday, June 05, 2007

281 - Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (1973)

Track Listing

1. Let's Get It On
2. Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
3. If I Should Die Tonight
4. Keep Getting It On
5. Come Get To This
6. Distant Lover
7. You Sure Love To Ball
8. Just To Keep You Satisfied


Marvin Gaye is the lord of sexiness and nowhere more than in this randiest of albums. Let's Get it On is pretty undistilled raw sexuality in record form, after doing one of the most perfect political albums of all times with What's Going On, this one is the first and still best make-out album of all times. Barry White's output is but a shadow of the quality to be found here.

The great thing about Marvin Gaye is that he doesn't just do a make-out album, but he makes a great work which would be a near perfect album whatever its content while being a make-out album. The sound of the album is sultry and laid back while still keeping a nice rhythm to it. The title track is just a thing of beauty.

Even if the lyrics aren't the most enlightened things in our sad and grey world of PCness, they are at least honest and in that is their great power, it is very much sex seen from a man's perspective and that's just great, it's ,mostly about having sex and there is nothing wrong with that when the music that comes with it is some pretty perfect Soul. So if you are ever interested in having sex you could do worse than invest in a disco ball, a lava-lamp some tiger print cushions and pink satin sheets on a water-bed and Let's Get It On by the great Marvin Gaye. Get It from Amazon UK or US.

Track Highlights

1. Let's Get It On
2. Come Get To This
3. Just To Keep You Satisfied
4. Keep Gettin' It On

Final Grade

9/10 (can't see an end to 9's or 10's in the near future, really good patch we're at).


Let's Get It On By Marvin Gaye:

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