Tuesday, July 25, 2006

76. Astrud Gilberto - Beach Samba (1967)

Track Listing

1. Stay
2. Misty Roses
3. Face I Love
4. Banda (Parade)
5. Oba, Oba
6. Canoeiro
7. I Had the Craziest Dream
8. Bossa Na Praia (Beach Samba)
9. My Foolish Heart
10. Dia das Rosas (I Think of You)
11. You Didn't Have to Be So Nice
12. Não Bate O Coração


Well, is this a crappy album. And I really love Brazilian music, there will be some good albums in the future and there have been some in the past. I am pretty sure the guys in the book just added this to the list because of two reasons, because they don't understand anything about Brazilian music and because they didn't even understood this album.

The guy in the 1001 Albums book says that this is a great album and pays special attention to what he calls the "wordless" Canoeiro, which would be impressive if it was wordless. The sad reality is that it isn't! It's in Brazilian Portuguese and just because the asshole didn't get that he thought she was just scatting through the track. What a dipstick.

She does scat throughout the album however, but scatting as in shitting all over it. A good example is The Parade (A Banda) which murders a perfectly good song. Then she decides that it is an excellent idea to make a duet with your little child. Yeah, that always fucking works. There are two not-bad songs here, the first and last one. And that's it. The rest is frankly bad for Bossa Nova standards.

And that's another thing that pisses me off, the album is called Beach Samba and there's not a single Samba IN THE WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM. There's lame attempts at bossa nova murdered by Disney film arrangements try to sell a respectable and lovely music style to the frankly braindead american easy listening/lounge music market. Astrud did some good things in her life, this wasn't one of them. Don't buy it at Amazon UK or US. And don't stream it from Napster.

Track Highlights

1. Stay
2. Não Bate O Coração

And that's it.

Final Grade




And what the fuck is Verve doing putting this crap out? They are a good company...

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