Friday, May 22, 2009

866. David Gray - White Ladder (1998)

Track Listing

1. Please forgive me
2. Babylon
3. My oh my
4. We're not right
5. Nightblindness
6. Silver lining
7. White ladder
8. This years love
9. Sail away
10. Say hello wave goodbye


You can see where David Gray is coming from, somewhere in there is Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, unfortunately Gray does not have the talent of any of these and is further damaged from having made this album when he did.

Gray made this album in the late 90s, where it seems no album could exist without adding some beats to the tracks in it. This really damages the overall survivability of the album, it now sounds dated in a way that made it sound fresh when it came out.

In the end he has some pretty good tracks in here, the stuff is pretty catchy as well, but there is plenty added to the music that really doesn't do it any favours and his singing style is also pretty derivative of aforementioned influences so in the end it gets a meh.

Track Highlights

1. Say Hello Wave Goodbye
2. Babylon
3. Please Forgive Me
4. Sail Away

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

On August 11, 2001, White Ladder finally reached the top of the UK albums chart, on the back of the single success of "Babylon" (a remixed and edited version for radio, which omitted the third verse completely). The album had been selling steadily since its reissue the previous May, thereby setting a new record for the longest uninterrupted climb to Number One. The year 2001 also saw the release of two compilations of Gray's early works and unreleased material, The EPs 1992-1994 and Lost Songs 95-98, both of which followed White Ladder into the UK album chart Top Twenty.


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