Sunday, February 15, 2009

809. Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic (1996)

Track Listing

1. God! Show Me Magic
2. Fuzzy Birds
3. Something 4 The Weekend
4. Frisbee
5. Hometown Unicorn
6. Gathering Moss
7. If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You
8. Bad Behaviour
9. Mario Man
10. Hangin' With Howard Marks
11. Long Gone
12. For Now And Ever


I am back! For semi-regular updates. I got a house today, signed the contract, got the keys, now I need to get the electricity, water and gas up and running, and then go back to Manchester, pack everything and come back. As you can imagine this means that my updates are from now on, until the forseeable future only semi-regular, although I hope that by mid-march it should be more regular.

But now let's look at the Super Furry Animals, with an album I love for pretty much the same reasons I liked the Supergrass album. This is relentlessly cheery music, even if it does draw from a lot of older music it does it in an interesting enough way to be original.

The Super Furry Animals are a lot of fun, from songs about Unicorns, Frisbees to convicted criminals like Howard Marks the lyrics are almost dream-like and nonsensical, although little snippets point to interesting stories somewhere in there. Oh and it is very Welsh, from some of the accent to a whole kind of bucolic thing going on. Great album, and of great influence in the whole indie scene which would develop in the next decade.

Track Highlights

1. Homeward Unicorn
2. Gathering Moss
3. Hangin' With Howard Marks
4. Something For the Weekend

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Fuzzy Logic is often noted for its cover depicting a variety of photos of international drug smuggler Howard Marks. Marks, who is paid tribute to on the song "Hangin' with Howard Marks", visited Rockfield during the making of the album at the band's request "wearing leather trousers and a cloak with a big entourage". As a result, the band later struck up a friendship with Marks, and are referenced in his autobiography Mr Nice.

Hometown Unicorn:


Rod McBan said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, even if it's only occasionally. And back on a great album.

Anonymous said...

Where's the house? You leaving Manchester?

Francisco Silva said...

Lanark: In the old part of Lisbon, next to the cathedral, with an amazing view over the old city and the river. Spent the last few days in my terrace soaking in the sun... 15 degrees Celsius in February is something else, and when the sun is blazing they feel like 25.

Anonymous said...

You must hate it and wish you were back in Moss Side.