Saturday, March 29, 2008

534. Sade - Diamond Life (1984)

Track Listing

1. Smooth Operator
2. Your Love Is King
3. Hang On To Your Love
4. When Am I Gonna Make A Living
5. Frankie's First Affair
6. Cherry Pie
7. Sally
8. I Will Be Your Friend
9. Why Can't We Live Together


This is a most tremendously uncool album to love. This is of course a prelude to me saying that I do indeed love it. I am not sure if it is because one of my earliest memories is seeing the Smooth Operator video on TV, or because this is quite a flawless soft-soul-jazz album for the 80's.

The first three songs are the really well known singles, but I am pretty sure they could have kept releasing tracks from the album and made a hit with them. It is just so different from what was going on at the time, it is a pretty original album. There were many imitations at the time and all of them vastly inferior.

Sade Adu's voice is in an icy contralto which works perfectly for its time, there was always something about the 80's that revealed a certain coldness behind the superficial gaudiness. And this album is not gaudy in the least, they are good songs, perfectly performed. It is of course terribly dated, and something you probably wouldn't put on in polite company for fear of blushing, but I don't care, this album is very deserving of being in this list.

Track Highlights

1. Smooth Operator
2. Hold On To Your Love
3. Your Love Is King
4. Sally

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Although initially not a big seller, the album was catapulted into the spotlight once the track "Your Love Is King" went top ten. The album for many years held the record of best-ever debut by a female solo artist, remaining on the British chart for ninety-nine weeks.

Smooth Operator, 8 minutes 27 of pure 80's video bliss:

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Anonymous said...

Now that's the right attitude - ignore what other thinks of our preferred music.

Sade's "Love Deluxe" is even better than her "Diamond Life", and it still sounds fresh today even if it's released on 1992.