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366. Peter Tosh - Legalize It (1976)

Track Listing

1. Legalize It
2. Burial
3. What'cha Gonna Do?
4. No Sympathy
5. Why Must I Cry
6. Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)
7. Ketchy Shuby
8. Till Your Well Runs Dry
9. Brand New Second Hand


I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that no other Reggae acts are as good as Marley, and that he isn't famous just because. All other Reggae albums on the list until now have been quite disappointing.

This is another case of that, it is not bad music but it is quite dull, monotonous and uninspired. Peter Tosh is one of the founding members of the Wailers, and you can tell from the music that there is a lot of similarities with Marley. The thing is Tosh is the Haydn to Marley's Mozart, similar but without the spark of genius. (Yes, I mean Haydn and not Salieri, this isn't a cheap film analogy, it is actually a music one).

So Tosh... a bit of non-descriptive Reggae that will mainly appeal to stoners because of it's title track which would be cool if I was 15 and on dope. I am not 15 and unfortunately I am out of dope. So...

Track Highlights

1. Legalize It
2. Till Your Well Runs Dry
3. Brand New Second Hand
4. Burial

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

In 1987, Tosh appeared to be on the way to a career revival. He was awarded a Grammy for Best Reggae Performance in 1987 for No Nuclear War. However on September 11, 1987 three men came to his house demanding money, and when Tosh replied that he did not have any with him he was shot dead, along with disk jockey Jeff "Free I" Dixon. The leader was Dennis 'Leppo' Lobban, a man whom Peter had befriended and tried to help find work after a long jail sentence. Leppo turned himself over to the authorities, and was tried and convicted in the shortest jury deliberation in Jamaican history: eleven minutes. He was sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted in 1995 and he remains in prison. Neither of his two alleged accomplices were found, though rumors persist that both were gunned down in the streets.

Legalize It:

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