Thursday, July 12, 2007

318. 10CC - Sheet Music (1974)

Track Listing

1. Wall Street Shuffle
2. Worst Band In The World
3. Hotel
4. Old Wild Men
5. Clockwork Creep
6. Silly Love
7. Somewhere In Hollywood
8. Baron Samedi
9. Sacroiliac
10. Oh Effendi


Manchester represent! Well here's an album by 10cc, probably better known as the band which had that big hit with I'm Not In Love, it is easy to forget that they had quite a respectable career. This album is actually an interesting animal, it is almost like a mix between Roxy Music and Steely Dan, without actually being as good as any of those two bands, unfortunately.

Still, it is quite a good album, the lyrics are particularly funny and some of the music is quite innovative sounding, they still fall unfortunately, a bit on the side of novelty music with a strong AOR appeal.This is a pity, because if the album was slightly more sober it would be really good.

It is, however, worth listening too for the funny and smart lyrics and innovative arrangements. I think this feels a bit like a lost opportunity, it could have been a much better album but somehow it never quite rises above the level of quite good but not excellent. So get it at Amazon UK or US.

Track Highlights

1. Clockwork Creep
2. The Worst Band In The World
3. Silly Love
4. Sacroiliac

Final Grade



From Wikipedia:

Although their second single, a similarly '50s-influenced song called "Johnny Don't Do It", was not a major chart success, "Rubber Bullets", a catchy satirical take on the "Jailhouse Rock" concept, became a hit internationally and gave 10cc their first British #1 single in May 1973. They consolidated their success a few months later with "The Dean And I", which peaked at #10 in August. They released two singles, "Headline Hustler" and the self-mocking "The Worst Band In The World" and launched a UK tour on August 26, 1973 before returning to Strawberry Studios in November to record the remainder of their second LP, Sheet Music (1973), which included "The Worst Band In The World" along with other hits "The Wall Street Shuffle" (#10, 1974) and "Silly Love" (#24, 1974).

"Sheet Music" became the band's breakthrough album, remaining on the UK charts for six months and paving the way for a US tour in February 1974.

Here you go, 10cc Worst Band In The World next to J Dilla's track Workinonit which samples 10cc:

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