Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey there people.

This is going on haitus for a month - in the meanwhile I'm going to Portugal, getting married and spending 17 days in Japan!

I'll still be around Manchester until Friday but I'm much too busy to give the albums a proper listen.

See ya soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Francisco

Love your blog. Congrats on your wedding. Have a great time in Japan. Looking forward to your next reviews. Also see my blog, not as frquent though as yours on mostly for my cycling group with a bit of music thrown in.

All the best

Howard Chait

Francisco Silva said...

Thanks Howard! :)

Anonymous said...

I too love the blog, I've discovered a lot of cool stuff. I like your reviews of the music and so far I agree with a lot of it. Good luck with your wedding.

P.S. stop slacking off, at your current rate you will review all 1001 albums in approximately 2 more years! lol