Wednesday, August 02, 2006

83. Love - Da Capo (1967)

Track Listing

1. Stephanie Knows Who
2. Orange Skies
3. Que Vida
4. Seven And Seven Is
5. Castle
6. She Comes In Colours
7. Revelation


Literaly a mixed bag, in fact it is a great album if you stop it before song 7. This only gives you about 20 minutes of music however as the last track is 19 minutes long and took up the whole side B of the record. It is also a pile of self indulging wank.

This is compensated by the first 6 tracks, which are some good stuff. Fun, energetic and original music here but if you want great Love wait for Forever Changes where they are really on the top of their form. Still, if this is the only Love you can get, get it, just ignore the last track, which is bad. Not as bad as some reviews I've read of this album but still pretty poor, particularly when compared to the rest of Love's output.

There is a particular track here entitled Seven And Seven Is which is particularly cool, the guitars on it are just nifty and it's always nice to see Beatles refrences in other songs, Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Yeah shouted over some very heavy guitars is tha bomb. So, definitely check it out but wait for Forever Changes which will be coming up in September. I am going on holiday for August now, so there's a month of hiatus here but be sure to watch this space for my return!

You can stream it from Napster or just buy it from Amazon UK or US.

Track Highlights

1. Seven And Seven Is
2. Stephanie Knows Who
3. The Castle
4. Orange Skies

Final Grade



I am all for wanky rock-operas and am even a Prog fan, but Revelation just doesn't suit their talents.

From Wiki:

The album's second half is a single track, notable for being among the very first rock songs to take up an entire LP side. (Bob Dylan's "Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" from Blonde on Blonde predated it by a few months.) The 19-minute jam, entitled "Revelation" (but originally called "John Lee Hooker") began life as a live showcase for the group, and was the alleged inspiration for The Rolling Stones' similarly lengthy Hooker tribute, "Going Home". (Another song from Da Capo's first side, "She Comes In Colors", is also admitted by Keith Richards as the inspiration for "She's a Rainbow".) The album's critical reputation has suffered as a result of the inclusion of this track, and many blame producer Paul Rothchild for failing to capture the group's live energy and truncating their performance. It is interesting to note, though, that in a contemporary review of the album, legendary critic Robert Christgau praised it faintly for its "excellent guitar and harmonica work and great screaming by a lead singer (I don't know his name; the new style in record jackets is to reveal nothing)"


Anonymous said...

oh no!
i hope you're only gone for a brief break - i'm quickly catching up with you and don't want to overtake by too much as I enjoy reading your opinions on the albums as I hear them.. I bought the book as well and am methodically working through it..
thanks for all of your reviews so far, its nice to know someone else thinks Ray Price etc were not deserving.

Francisco Silva said...

It's the whole month! noooo!

I am in Portugal now... and am running around the place a little too much to be able to do a daily thing, or even the movies one. Books will probably be updated however.